It’s Tax Time!

Here are some tips and tools to make your tax return preparation a little less stressful.

  • New to our services? Here are some answers to frequently asked questions.
    • What are your office hours?  Our tax season hours are Monday through Friday from 8am until 5pm and Saturday from 9am until noon.  Outside of tax season, we are open Monday through Thursday from 8am until 5pm.
    • How much will my return preparation cost?  Our fees are based on many factors, including the complexity of the return and the level of knowledge required to complete the return.  For 2024, individual returns begin at $200, for the most basic return.
    • Do you prepare local returns?  Yes, our return package includes federal, state, school district and city tax returns, if required.
    • Do you take credit/debit card payments?  Yes.  You can pay in person at our office or on the payment tab of this website.  We also take cash and check payments.
    • How long will it take to prepare my return?  We do not prepare returns while you wait.  We have a preparation and review process in place that makes sure that your return is complete and correct. The complexity of your return and the point in the tax filing season determines how quickly we can process your return.
    • Do I need an appointment?  While we welcome the change to meet our clients in person, it is not required.  If you wish to make an appointment, please visit the main page of our website to schedule your appointment.  You may also call or text our office at 937-606-2722 to schedule an appointment.  If you do not need an appointment, you may drop off your tax information to our office.
    • Whether you have an appointment or are dropping off your information, please see our return packet.  It includes a required questionnaire, engagement letter and a checklist of items for you to bring.  If you have children under age 17 or current in post-secondary school, you will also need to complete the child tax credit pages.
  • Would you prefer a paperless experience?  Contact us to be set up on Verifyle, our web portal.  Once your portal is enabled, you can access it on your computer or on your device.
  • Use this free Adobe Scan app to create pdf files for upload to the portal.  {Alley & Bradl, LLC is not affiliated in any way with Adobe.}
  • With Verifyle, you can electronically sign your tax return.  Let us know if you wish to use this option.
  • Wondering about your refund status?  Once your return is filed, go to this page to check.
  • Using QuickBooks Online for your business?  You can easily give us access to your QuickBooks file to help prepare your return.  See instructions here.
  • Alley & Bradl, LLC offers a service to handle any notices you receive from the IRS, state or local taxing authorities.  For more details, see our Client Care Plan Option.