It's Tax Time!

Here are some tips and tools to make your tax return preparation a little less stressful.

  • New to our services?  See our checklist of items we will need to prepare your tax returns.  This is a general list for individual returns and we may require additional information, depending upon your particular tax situation.
  • Wondering about your refund status?  Once your return is filed, go to this page to check.
  • Would you prefer a paperless experience?  Contact us to be set up on Onvio, our web portal.  Once your portal is enabled, you can access it on your computer or on your device.  Watch a quick overview of Onvio.
  • Use this free Adobe Scan app to create pdf files for upload to the portal.  {Alley & Bradl, LLC is not affiliated in any way with Adobe.}
  • With Onvio, you can electronically sign your tax return.  Let us know if you wish to use this option.
  • Using eSignature for the first time?  This short video walks you through the process.
  • Onvio Apps for Apple and Android
  • Using QuickBooks Online for your business?  You can easily give us access to your QuickBooks file to help prepare your return.  See instructions here.
  • Alley & Bradl, LLC offers a service to handle any notices you receive from the IRS, state or local taxing authorities.  For more details, see our Client Care Plan Option.

Special Items for 2021 personal income tax preparation:

Filing an accurate tax return avoids processing delays, refund delays and IRS notices.  In order for us to prepare an accurate return, you must provide the following (if applicable):
  • IRS Letter 6419 – If you received advanced child tax credits in 2021, the IRS began sending letters in late December listing the total amount you received in 2021 and the number of qualifying children they used to calculate the payments.
  • IRS Letter 6475 – This letter details the third round of Economic Impact Payments (stimulus) issued in March through December of 2021.  The IRS will begin issuing these letters in late January.

New Ohio Tax Credits

There are three nonrefundable credits on the Ohio personal tax return that are new for 2021.
  • Home school expenses credit: up to $250 for specific educational expenses for your dependent who is home schooled. Qualifying expenses are books & subscriptions, school supplies and supplementary materials and computer software and applications. This does not include the purchase of computers or other electronic devices. Expenses for remote learning due to COVID-19 do not qualify for this credit.
  • Scholarship donation credit: up to $750 ($1,500 for married filing joint returns) for donations to an eligible scholarship granting organization. Organizations must be a religious or not-for-profit organization, primarily awarding academic scholarships for primary and secondary school students, prioritizing awards to low-income students. A current list of eligible organizations can be found at the Ohio Attorney General’s website:
  • Nonchartered, nonpublic school tuition credit: up to $1,000 credit for tuition paid for dependents to a nonchartered, nonpublic school. Subject to AGI limitations. A list of eligible schools is available at the Ohio Department of Education’s website:

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